A shallow heart deepened

A naive heart hardened

Hand in hand,

Heart with heart,

They walk together with synchronicity

Laughed together, fought each other

Drove themselves to

The edges of insanity

Sometimes a bit far, sometimes near

They’re made for each other, it was always clear

There’s something about love

As the days get older, it starts to grow bitter

You part your ways someday

Curse for being a part of the play

They were no different,

Now grief stricken

Walking towards each other,

Facing one another,

Walking in vain,

It was too late to realise

Their paths have diverged,

All that is left is pain

118 thoughts on “A regular story.

  1. You know…The worst part of ending a relationship( friendship or romantic…or whatever) is not just the deprivation but also the fact that the other person takes along some parts of your personality along with themselves…The moments that you spent along, the mannerisms and the thoughts that you shared, always sting you in your heart whenever you tend to repeat them…You are always left at crossroads to either lose that part of your personality or keep it along with the baggage of sabotaging memories!

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            1. Spot on… And, also that, You know we all often wish for ourselves to have a beautiful life and career and relations….but we always forget that along with that beauty, we are also inviting the hardships that are necessary for it to thrive…
              something like…when you ask for strength, you also ask for the problems so that you get to use that strength!
              …Mr. fun and formal (That is exactly what you are going to be called henceforth) *hehehe*

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            2. Storm…for me…is an illusionist….
              I feel we are always surrounded by it!
              It is just that…on some days, we are in the eye of the storm and it will deceive you to buy silence in the name of peace..
              And just when you think that everything is okay…It engulfs you back , and turns everything around!

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            3. *whew* You scared me for a second!
              Thanks for considering that! (Also, I know that it has now started to sound cheesy…but I genuinely didn’t mean to call you out for anything when I talked about boundaries yesterday…It is just that…I have known people who backstabbed me and now I am a little insecure in the area of opening up to others…you know!)
              You are not doing anything wrong or making me uncomfortable in any way…you are just socializing…I am the mess! *smiles*

              Liked by 1 person

            4. I’m messier, milady.😁
              I might even come off as rude sometimes but please know that I have no bad intentions. Why are you always thinking about what you said yesterday???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
              Overthink much?

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