Job search

“Are you looking for a job” says the voice

I’m sitting like a snob, away from the noise

“Am I audible?” Yes you are!

“Tell me about yourself!” It’s how we start

The call goes on for fifteen minutes

I answer her, within my limits

A call after another

One job or some other

“Come down for the interview”

Bother, to me, this ain’t new

There goes one,

Here goes two,

Everything’s the same, tell me what to do

A hundred people, posts just few

Too many rounds,

We just wait around

Where is the contact?

He’s nowhere to be found.

Attend in the morning,

Get out in the evening,

Too bad, fella,

You failed in the screening

So let’s get home

And start again

Hope that this time

We won’t miss the train


5 thoughts on “Job search

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  1. Maybe you should just be arrogant and tell them exactly where you stand, instead of trying to tell them what they want to hear? Not sure on your approach, but something needs to stand out.

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