There he sat on the river bank looking at trees and mountains that the water reflected. Boring job requires more energy than a tiresome one. He had nothing to do. Neither his superior nor his peers told him anything. The trees were dancing in the wind, the water flowed elegantly giving out blissful reflections. The clear skies looked so serene. Everything was working out as expected.

“Sir! The deputy has arrived. He’s looking for you.” It’s only been days since he’s joined the duty. Somebody informed the authorities that the guys in the office weren’t working. The sunny day couldn’t get any hotter. He rushed to office only to find it vacant. He took a seat and lit his cigarette.

“So you’re one of those guys.” A hoarse voice came from his left “I’m the deputy chief. Would you mind taking a walk with me, kid?” He was a skinny, wrinkly guy in his early fifties who looked too old for his age. “What’s your caste, kid?” Asked the deputy. “Brahmin, sir.” The kid responded. “I’m a brahmin too. Now I want you to do me a favour. I want you to be very honest and tell me what you’ve been doing all these days, where you worked, villages you visited and bulls and buffaloes you vaccinated.” He said as he checked for janeu. They walked to the deputy’s jeep. “Tell me kid, we don’t have all day.”

“I visited a village nearby, sir.”

“Okay, show us the way.”

This guy was a man of action, that was evident. The kid couldn’t take any risk. “Shall I be honest sir? I didn’t work. In fact we weren’t assigned any.” The deputy calmly walked the kid out to the office and said, “call your superior. I have something to say to him. And yes, you’re suspended.” The superior arrived fifteen minutes later, partially drunk. “These guys don’t ever do any work. I am carrying it all on my shoulders.” Said he pointing his finger towards the kid. “Don’t you dare point me out. You are a drunkard with a wife who doesn’t care where you are. I’ve seen you dumping those vaccines in the river.” The enraged officer slapped the kid hearing these words and walked away with his suspension order.

That night was colder than ever. The daily news was airing on the radio. The suspended officer sat with a bottle of whiskey, gulping it down with anger. He then heard a knock and walked to the door. It was dark and the lamp was far from him. The village was far from having electricity. He always hated this. He walked out to see who it was, yelling, “who comes at this time of the night? Who are you asshole?”

The wife was searching for her husband when she heard someone groaning in pain. She wandered out to find her husband being beaten to pulp by someone she’s never seen before. “Help! Someone’s murdering my husband!!”

The cry couldn’t gather much attention. The guy stopped hitting her husband, made him rest against a wall and said, “Never mess with someone you know nothing about. I had nothing against you until you slapped me without a reason. Bad way to vent your anger. I’m staying in the village tonight and you can gather as many people as you want and come to me.” He quietly walked away into the narrow road.

“Do you know what you’ve done? You are gonna lose your job.” The superintendent screamed at his brother, “You know dad’s going to be serious about this.”

“He slapped me without a reason. Now I gave him one. I’ll se what he can do about it. And honestly, fuck the job. I’ll go back home and take care of our fields. There’s no better job than agriculture.” Said the kid as he walked out of the office as the suspension order is being typed.

“You’re the one who beat him?” Asked the clerk. “Good job kid. He was always a jerk. Here, take your suspension letter.”

“What am I gonna do with it? Make paper rockets? Keep it with you.”

The kid in the story was my grandpa in the 1960’s. He sometimes gets nostalgic and it often ends with an awesome story.

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  1. Don’t you dare point me out. You are a drunkard with a wife who doesn’t care where you are. I’ve seen you dumping those vaccines in the river.” – who said these words to whom?


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