A boring update

Somedays it feels like you’re full of ideas, some nights your brain explodes. Then comes the time when there’s absolutely nothing, mind goes blank. I’ve been trying to write something since two days but couldn’t even jot down a sentence.

I go here and there, meet a person or two, indulge in an interesting conversation but have no interest to write about it. I’ve been going through so many things since three days but lack the interest to share. This is the first time I’m okay with boredom and not sharing things with anyone no matter how trivial or serious.

Clicking random pictures here and there on my phone gives me a certain kind of satisfaction. I should do that often.

Finally, I’m done with the book I started a week ago and now it’s time to search for another non fiction. Got any suggestions?

(This post has been written just to keep me writing because when I give something a long pause, it turns into a full stop.)

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