Thanks Nameera, for this. This is something new to me since I never wrote anything on a topic given by others. This is my first try.

Shoulder to shoulder,

We sat together

Exchanged books, shared desks

We’re friends, or

That’s what I thought

But there you were, mocking me

Scared to death, I had to flee

Every word you said cut deep

Into my heart, leaving scars

Years pass by as I weep,

Spending nights losing my sleep

Humiliated, here I stand

Trying hard to relate,

Finding refuge

Friendship is what I craved

I now stand alone, in this deluge.

Throughout my childhood, I was the shortest guy of my class. I was constantly bullied and mocked by those who were physically superior and a few personal issues made me a weirdo whom anyone can point a finger at. I was often left out in almost every sport event (one of the reasons why I don’t play any sport) and other class outing.

A person who’s not tall or strong enough according to the societal or your standards doesn’t mean you can always pick on him. Bullying destroys a person’s self esteem which has a huge effect on him his entire life. I know how it feels. It might not always be physical but mere words can leave a mark which can never be healed.

I’m still paying price for something I had nothing to do with.

Bullying is often related to low self worth and an urge to feel superior. Think before you act and leave a scar.

Wounds heal. Scars don’t.


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