Engines roared despite being at a traffic signal with a red light on. The crowd’s senseless honking made me go almost berserk but I kept my calm. A few people attempt riding in the wrong side of the road causing a blockade which led to even louder honking.

A slow, cold breeze passed by easing my mind as I looked up to the sky. Is there anything that can beat the beauty of passing clouds? They moved with such elegance that I could neither hear the noise nor watch traffic. The seemingly endless fleet of clouds rushed like they were being chased, as they were by the wind. Oh! How I wished if only time could pause or slow down! Silky Clouds covered the skies like a snowy, furry carpet. Then they parted their ways, slowly scattering, revealing pale blue gaps of sky in between.

Before I could relish any of this,

“Move it, dude! It’s green!”

Said a rude passerby and tried to start my bike in vain. Something’s wrong; I didn’t wanna miss the sight, so decided to stop at a side and watch the skies but the vehicle won’t cooperate. The comments got brutal and then I realised I forgot to turn the key.

Staggering through the insane traffic, reaching a safe zone, I stopped and looked up to see the sun blazing in all his might. Well, at least I got vitamin D for all it’s worth.

We’re so lost that we forget to enjoy little things in life. Sure, there’s nothing good in being a nuisance in traffic but nothing can beat the natural world around us. Nature is something that never gets old and boring.

16 thoughts on “Nothing much here.

  1. Just Loved this !!!
    especially “A slow, cold breeze passed by easing my mind as I looked up to the sky. ” Wah dude ! Impressive work πŸ™‚

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          1. Nah .. Only one.. I heard some of my friends saying my link doesn’t direct to the right site ! so I gave the link .. Yeahhh Bharath Upendra followed Optimistic Soul !

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            1. Haha .. it’s mind-numbing to getto know people of same nature.. ! So, it is always exciting to see the opposite version of mine ;p

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