Long were the vines that wrapped her

Invisible to naked eye

Thorns pierced through her skin

She bled, she didn’t care

For, the blood hid her scars

Ah! That flamboyant stare!

The crimson stain is what she wore

Her love, adorned with gore

There goes the red lady,

Heart and soul impure,

Swift as the wind,

She walks through the gallows


Tears like refined pearls fluently roll down my face,

I peered at everyone with a hard look of disgrace

No doubt, I may have the pleasant smile, shinning between my lips and chin,

But only I knew the truth about the deep scars held within

Its strange how everything I knew had instantly been reorganised

In a flash, my life was forever changed

What each one can figure only in nightmare,

Is my awful reality that can’t be unfasten nor repaired

But for me, all it was enough,

I can’t hold something this tough

And maybe by this they can see

That they can no longer harm me!


Is a sacrifice worth the scar face, I ask.

Reverence is all I can give for the disdain

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