That’s what I heard

I hate to break it to you

Money is the only thing that’s true

You probably have no clue

That I love you too

Let’s part our ways,

Erase it without a trace

This is simply out of place

Don’t make me leave in disgrace

There’s one thing you should know; Move on,

Don’t go with the flow

Know now, we’re done

Quite a ride, that was fun

Let go of my hand,

You’re hurting me now

I’m not asking for permission,

This is as far as I go


Don’t cry

You should’ve seen it coming

Even though I clipped your wings, I expect you to fly.

33 thoughts on “That’s what I heard

  1. Shit happens! That’s natural. Sometimes we don’t, some times will nilly it happens to us. Best course is not to become shit but move on! Use the nutrients and fertilizers of shit to energise us to positively channelise energies. I’m doing it. So you may too๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜€

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