40 thoughts on “With a few exceptions.

        1. Hahahahah!
          When someone who’s not your caste marries your son or daughter, it’s a dent in your honour because you’re worried about what society would think of you. Caste is everything, you know. So you seek that guy out, kill him for loving your daughter, marrying her and for belonging from a social class below yours. Pride is everything, you know.
          Fuck love, fuck opinions, fuck people.
          People are more concerned about their image in society than happiness.

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            1. Not frequently, you don’t kill your kids just because they married someone from another caste, 90% of the relationships don’t last long either because either they belong to different castes and their parents didn’t agree or the boy isn’t rich enough.

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            2. Well so
              Much for wisdom. Part of what makes America a cool place is you can take chances, and chances are something will work out that nobody dreamed of. It’s wide open.

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            3. But some could if they didn’t depend on the safety net of family money. Take a vacation, never go home. Ya know, take a chance. But alas, systems can be hard to see out of.

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            4. No, but you told me to always be honest lol. Sorry bro. I do feel for the situation. Stuck in in the waiting place is a difficulty I would not want to be. Is it getting any better? Baby steps?

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            5. Haha I was kidding. I get it, I’ll have to continue working for three to four years to apply for work abroad. Baby steps have to continue until then.
              Not getting any better, it’s worse now.
              I’m stuck. I don’t know what I want.


            6. You fear of dishonoring a dishonorable system? That’s funny, but I get it. Parents don’t often understand the need for change, nor the nonsense of striving to maintain parity because of what their friends and neighbors think. A product of the oppressors is still winning.

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            7. Sadly, yes. We still think of what society thinks of us and we follow people who are successful who basically do 9-5 jobs.
              Parents want their kids to be successful and earn more and more money rather than enjoy life or gain experience and skills.

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            8. Then be sure. Do something useful. Learn something valuable. Be on time and smile (fake it) if you have to extend your boundaries and meet someone that may provide new opportunities. Be so cool other employers would want to steal you. Play their game and beat them at it.

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