Morning motivation

I cannot laugh when I’m alone.”

“I don’t care if anyone’s around, I laugh when I have to.”

The above to were the statements from people I know. Though they’re simple and nothing can be brought out of them, a mere observation can show you a drastic difference in personalities.

  • One’s an introvert and the other is an extrovert.
  • First one needs social acceptance, the other doesn’t care.
  • The first one has the urge to show others what he likes and wants to see if others like the same and the second one shares only when asked.

This conversation happened when I was talking to the second person. She was watching something on her phone and burst into laughter. The other guy was surprised she laughed all by herself, without anyone watching with her.

The point is, we have to learn how to be happy without company. When you’re happy with yourself, you don’t care if others share the same opinion. Being happy when you’re with people is great but being happy irrespective of company is blissful.

So my goals for today are these:

  • Try to look for something beautiful even when I’m in a mess
  • Smile often
  • Keep calm when things go against me

Have a great day, people.

28 thoughts on “Morning motivation

  1. Interesting. The second person reminds me of a person I know, she’s quite the girl, you know? A perfectionist inside out, pretends to have a big ego because she thinks its cool and hands down the weirdest person I know. Any guesses? πŸ˜‚
    Hint : she’s the one who’s been arguing with you on one of her posts & doesn’t know what to say next so, here she is bombarding your posts with inane comments.

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            1. See, I want my life to be imperfect. I don’t always want to be happy, I want to be experience all emotions even if they’re negative. I just feel that if I don’t go through it all, my existence would be pointless. And I don’t know how that makes me a perfectionist, but okay whatever.

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  2. Nice post. According to me, one should do things he want to do, and must not care of what others will think and as for smiling, one must smile at every opportunity.
    When I go for the morning walk, I smile at each person who comes into the view, whether I know that person or not… The other person smiles back or not is his/her choice but, really I feel so so blessed. My whole day goes awesome.

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