Moving on

You know you moved on when you love the memories but not the person;
You know you’re broken when you hate the memories but love the person.

It’s a hard road either way. When people tell you time heals everything, don’t believe them, it’s a lie. You move on with time? No. Time moves on, like it always does and you think you moved on because you’re distracted by a series of events that you’re going through.

We never move on.

We just have other important things in life that need attention.

You see? It’s simple.

You wanna get better? Stop paying attention. When they say you attract what you think, this is what they actually mean. When you pay attention to something, your thoughts flow in that direction without you noticing them and they shape your actions in the least trackable way. We all know love fades and it’s never the same after a while.

Love is temporary but commitment is real. Don’t let dopamine control you.

You know someone’s perfect for you?? Give them your commitment first because love fades eventually.

Good luck.

Good thoughts.

47 thoughts on “Moving on

            1. I’m Nameera, a really nice person and you’re Bharath, a really ridiculous guy. Okay so, we’re quite close to being acquaintances now, just tell me why do you wana see them? πŸ˜‰

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