Just when I thought everything is going good.

Ashes and embers floated by amid the smoke that I exhaled. The red tip of my cigarette looked gorgeous than ever! I’ve missed this.

Warm smoke filled my throat as I inhaled again, this time, a bit longer. Fuck! This hurts. How many days has it been? All the emotions that needed a release had to be burnt first. Now they drift away as smoke in the air.

“This one’s for you.”

I thought as I dropped the filter and crushed it smoothly. My first cigarette after two long years of quitting and the last one I’ll ever smoke because of my emotions.

The lesson I learnt the hard way:

Once a woman decides to leave, there’s nothing you can do to stop her.

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  1. jim- says:

    Being alone sucks until you’re not alone. Then it sounds good. Take advantage of the quiet. Go camping.

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    1. Well camping here is not possible.
      I took some time out to smoke though. Felt good.😂

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      1. jim- says:

        Aren’t there dating apps over there? I know quite a few people that had success with that.

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        1. Oh! There Are. I was quite satisfied with tinder but got bored. Besides, I’m in a long distance relationship.😂

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  2. Nameera says:

    Hold on, pal. Have faith, your shit will get back together soon.


    1. Nope. I’m blocked everywhere now. Lost all the faith I had.

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      1. Nameera says:

        Then look for faith elsewhere. Keep looking, it’s much better than losing it.

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        1. Faith is a waste of time.

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          1. Nameera says:

            Yeah well. I wouldn’t disagree on that!

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