“Every day is another chance to make things right.”


“It’s a new day, it’s a new life.”

Get lost.

“Just do what you must without any expectations and you’ll never be dissatisfied.

Oh! Then I’ll never be satisfied either because I had no expectations in the first place. Bullshit.

“Start your day with positive thoughts and you…”

Just shut up!

Enough of this positive crap that rarely works out. Who works without expectations? Do you work your ass off for 9 hours a day without expecting to get paid?

Imagine having ‘I can do this’ in your mind but you fail anyway because the situation was against you. Every new day is not a new chance to redo things; it’s the beginning of the same old cycle all over again.

You give everyone your best, yet they leave. The work of your dreams belong in your dreams because reality is a tad bit different.

Positive things don’t happen when you are optimistic, they are a result of your previous actions and the reactions you get from your surroundings and people. What we think is right is positive, what we don’t is negative. If we don’t think, we’re either disappointed or there’s no difference at all.

You wanna be happy?

Expect things to happen.

Expectations don’t hurt, they tell you what you really want. If you get it, you’ll be happy. If you don’t, you’ll be sad but at least you’re experiencing those emotions that make us human.

Don’t live like you don’t have any expectations, you’re not a zombie.

It’s a new day, folks!

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