Nonsense in the mornings.

You know you moved on when you love the memories but not the person;
You know you’re broken when you hate the memories but love the person.

The problem is I neither moved on nor am I broken. It’s like a scar that’s ever present but doesn’t seem to bother me anymore. Memories are scarred by people who make promises they can’t keep. Lies are better than empty promises because at least they don’t give you false hopes or invisible ropes to hang on to.

People are hard. Sometimes, they bring life into your days and on the other, you feel like you’re dead inside. No matter how much we love solitude, how fiercely independent or capable you are, we always need someone to lean on.

What we have to realise is people come and go and everyone has something to offer. We’re all selfish and there’s no escaping the fact that any species exists by depending on each other. Codependency is the key to survival and that’s how we managed to get by.

People suck.

We need people to live,
we need people to die.

We’re people.

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  1. jim- says:

    I have a feeling things are going to be looking up for you soon. Hang in there buddy.

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    1. Thanks, Jim. How’re things?

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      1. jim- says:

        Good. Just been busy. Life is grand!!

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  2. There are some people who totally make you lose your faith in humanity. That being said, there are many others who restore your faith in humanity. As you said,
    People suck. But codependency is indeed the key to survival. It always has been that way. And it will be too.

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