From the loneliness

I flee;

An aimless refugee

When my mind bleeds

Your thoughts with greed

All the demons inside

Are freed

Feeding on my sanity,

Do you see?

A paranoid clarity

Takes over me

Night has lost its brevity

Emotions shed their gravity

Creatures claim victory

What’s left is an effigy

Look deeper, my love

You are my Sunshine, and

I am your night

Heart black and shallow

Absorbing all the light

Hate with all you have,

Hit with all your might

Rain down all the guilt

Stay away from this blight

I’m an angel with horns, baby

Sometimes a demon with wings

There’s no sunshine in my world

Only dark endings

The farther we move, the closer we are

Divided, we stand

United, we fall.

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  1. True and great words

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