Note to self

The deeper we look, the shallower we are.

No matter how perfect people are, there’s always a flaw lurking deep within.Everyone is guilty of something, nobody is free from the consequences.

Flaws make us what we are.

Let’s embrace our flaws.

Before we forgive people, let’s learn to forgive ourselves.

19 thoughts on “Note to self

      1. You ever feel like you live a life of forced hypocrisy? You really don’t give a fuck what people think, but you have to pretend or suffer some consequence? That is the essence of our culture right now.

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            1. I try to be real as much as I can.
              This blog is my mind and thought flow, every post I write resonates my experiences and reactions to them. I always find myself to be guilty of something. I’m trying to learn to ignore all of it now.😊
              What games have you been playing?

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