I looked into the skies for hope

“Stare deep within that’s where you’ll find it.”

Said a voice

Yeah, life’s that hopeless now.

My own voice defies me.

No within or without;

Hope’s always around if you have the right set of eyes.

(I happen to wear glasses)

56 thoughts on “Hopelessness.

  1. Well to be honest I’m fine with whatever I’m doing. Yeah, it gets bad on same days and i freak out like a maniac but I guess that happens with everyone.
    Had I taken admission in DU this would have always bothered me ki i should have given it a shot.

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    1. Yeah, you’re right. Nothing’s too bad, I guess. Even the bad isn’t. (Unless there’s too behind it but whatever)
      Since you know what you’re into, there’s no stopping you now.
      Jao doctor bankar aao!!
      Let’s go treat some patients, dude!😎

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