Take me to the shores,

As I clutch at your shoulder

On the great black horse

Chasing the sun,

Racing with winds,

Through the grass and boulders

At the far end, you see?

That’s where the ends meet

Blue skies turn red, when we reminisce

Red turns black and we mourn the past

Seasons come, seasons go

The horse takes us through desert and snow

Keep looking forward, the road is high

The far end is where I was born

Where I choose to die

12 thoughts on “

  1. Woahhh! The feel of this poem is just so soothing and peaceful! πŸ’™ Love thissss, it even reminds me of a song, and while reading your poem, that scene just flashed before my eyes.

    The rhymes are perfect! And the ending paints a depressing picture. 😐 Also, what I really adore is the incorporation of all beauuutiful elements of nature. That’s very fascinating.

    Feels like I’m writing a poem review, but I can’t help itt. 😹 I appreciate art, and this poem brought a big smile on my face.

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