I thank you, Miss Motivation, Sanika for nominating me. Your quotes awaken my inner positivity, even though there’s nothing much left and I apologise for taking so long to post this but hey; better late than never! (Just kidding)

I’ll just answer the questions since I’m in no mood to write and was about to give up writing because of some issues I’ve been facing but I guess that’s not gonna happen. Not anytime soon. Once again, thank you.


Sunshine Blogger Award:

1) Do you remember any incident where you were the reason behind someone’s smile?
Ans. Nope! I suck at making people smile and when I try, I end up hurting them.

2) Have you ever had to choose between your Passion and your Work-Oriented Life?

Ans. I never truly discovered my passion, so no.

3) What are your 3 wishes that you really want to come true?
Ans. I’m done having any wishes, I just wanna go with the flow.

4) Don’t you think that we ourselves are responsible for the way our life is?
Ans. We are partly responsible for the way of our life but whatever we become is largely based on what we experience while growing up, how we and our surroundings react to things.

5) Have you ever done a mistake in life and put the blame on someone else?
Ans. Yep.

6) Do you believe in destiny ?

Ans . Nope. There’s no final destination which is predetermined. We just live our lives, things happen, people come and go, we then die.

7) How many times have you thanked all those people in your life who made you smile?
Ans. A few, they left anyway.

8) How many times do you smile each day approximately?

Ans. I don’t smile much but laugh a lot.

9) Have you ever been to a beach and felt the waves in complete peace?
Ans. Hell yeah!!

10) Which was that moment in your life where you felt happiness from within?

Ans. There are many but these moments are always fading. Happiness is temporary.

Liebster Award:

1) Who is inspiration?

Ans. Nobody.

2) Which country do you belong?

And. India

3) What do you expect minimum things from a person?

Ans. What’s minimum? I expect what I give in return which isn’t much anyway.

4) Do you love my blog ?

Ans. I absolutely do! πŸ™‚

5) Who inspires to blog ?

Ans. Inspiration comes from what happens to me; everything I write here is based on what I’m currently going through, if you look closely enough, this has become more like a journal. You read my stuff, you read my mind.

6) What are your dreams ?

Ans. I’m not a dreamer anymore.

57 thoughts on “Liebster and sunshine Blogger Awards!

  1. Dream big brotha! Problem with living in an archaic system, then seeing the possibilities of life with the internet and all must be discouraging. Sorry my friend. Good and big changes are in store for you. It’s in the cards πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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