Since this year is about to end and someone asked me how different this year was to me, I’d like to take time, sit back and reminisce about this year so that I can know if there’s anything to be thankful for.

This was a year of short lived but astonishingly fulfilling friendships.

To all those I’ve met this year,

To the people who don’t talk to me now,

And to everyone I’d never hear from again:

I’m grateful for whatever you had to offer, you made life better and a little less lonely!

After all, we only got one life, why waste it hating each other? I’ve learnt no life lessons because of you guys but you proved it to me that I can be sociable (well, at least for a short period of time). This is what I had in mind this morning and I’d love to make a list of everything I’m grateful for but that’s not me.



(Why did it get so cold here! I’m freezing!)

31 thoughts on “Update!

      1. The list is long but if you asking for it be my quest.
        I learned to love the way I am-literally speaking about my confidence level, body positivity, my decisions and actions.

        Learned to put in the actual work, burning the midnight oil for studying as I am medical student.

        Fell in love with my course. I hated it in the start but somehow eventually fell for it. Now it’s my only world

        Got a different perceptive of how I see the situations now. Before I would have run like a gazel at the thought of trouble. But this year has thought me to accept it and to over come.

        I have destroyed the walls that I built around myself for so long. I eventually started trusting people.

        This year has been a a tough one. But it was worth the trouble. I don’t regret it even for a second.

        I guess I better end here before you actually get bored.

        Thankyou for asking me what for. It made me think of all the things I have accomplished and to all the challenges that are calling me.
        Good day

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        1. That’s actually great. Going through this makes me wanna do something for myself.
          I didn’t get bored, I actually wanna know more. Thank you for taking time and responding. You rock!


  1. Ditto! I saw relationship with new eye! A transplant lensπŸ™ due to cataract. It removed fogs, mist, haze,smog and clouds- you name it and many partings in 2018 memory bank after living 24000 days and still learning. Cheers to 2019? πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆ

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