The Unpleasant Paradise

In a land far away

Where the elephants fly

Where infants laugh and grown men cry

Air runs beneath, Waters sky high,

Trees run around, the animals hide

Dark is the sun, moon shines bright

People love without disguise

And no one parts without goodbyes

Rain goes up, clouds drift by

Stars light the morning,

It snows every night

See the birds swim,

Fish take flight

We’re happy as we are

Always speaking our minds

There’s treasure everywhere

Whatever you seek, you find

No religion, nothing to divide

Humans troubled yet unified

Memories survive

We live life, one day at a time

Pathways lead to the blue

Into a psychedelic hue

Rainbow Sparks flew

Reminding the pain we outgrew

Take there, will you?

All we have to do

Is believe it’s true.

126 thoughts on “The Unpleasant Paradise

  1. “no one parts without goodbyes”, wouldn’t that be great! I am back to trouble you again! *hehehe*
    Actually, I wanted to ask, am I being too preachy? Is it irritating? Actually it has been a long time since I had any friends, I might be saying too much! Tell me if you want me to stop!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Are you sure? I don’t know! I have been lonely and thinking too much over the past year…now I am literally nagging you with all those thoughts, quotations etc.
        Don’t just say because you are trying to be nice! *Aiyoh*

        Liked by 1 person

            1. I know that I know nothing…but still!
              And stop dismissing your struggle in the name of acknowledging mine!
              You don’t know all about me and I don’t know about you either, so let us just avoid drawing comparisons !

              Liked by 1 person

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