Mornings like these.

My head aches from all that vodka induced whirry sensation yet my heart desires more.

Enough is enough says my mind but something inside me says, “Go on.”

I hear people talking to me, I know I’m responding but what the hell am I even saying? One thing’s for sure, secrets are being revealed, ‘cuz there’s a sudden rush of sympathy on their faces.

“Here!” Says a guy, handing me another shot over and watches me amusingly as I gulp it down like I was waiting for it all my life. Someone had fixed a disco like lighting in that room, with all the dim red and blue and yellow light flickering and going round and round all over the dark, almost lightless room. There’s psy trance playing in the background, which might be my suggestion but I can’t remember.

Now the faces became fuzzy,

Voices, slurry;

People moved slow,

It’s like in the movies!

Oh! There’s chicken in my hands!

I’ve been chewing on it?

Why’s life so complicated?

Why’re women so harsh?

Before I could find answers for these, I woke up to find everyone sleeping, snoring, bottles and cigarettes scattered around. It was dirty.

The clock said it was 4:30 AM but I only slept at 3. My body never listens! I instructed my mind to wake me up at 9! I calmly walked out as always, sleeping late but rising early.

Bike refuses to start because it’s cold, hell! I don’t even know how it’s like outside. When it finally did, I raced home only to find myself sleepless.

It’s a new day

It’s a new start

I got work to do

Good morning, folks!

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    1. Bharath says:

      Good morning, ma’am!😊


        1. Bharath says:

          Han madam😋


          1. sanikakendhe says:

            Okay sir 😉!

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            1. Bharath says:



            2. sanikakendhe says:


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    1. Bharath says:

      Good morning dude!


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