Atop the highest mountain

In the deepest sea

On the harshest soils

And heavy winds

You’ll hear me whisper

You’ll hear me sing

Feel my presence?

But nowhere to be seen

I’m the thunder

I’m in the quakes

Inside the twister,

I’m a tidal wave

In your anger,

Behind the smile,

When you walk the

Melancholic mile

Carried away,

By the promises broken

Wherever travel

The shatters of your hope

Beneath all the tears

Feelings naked,

And truths denied

You’ll find my voice

I’m your heaven

I’m your hell

I dwell

In all the lies that you tell

41 thoughts on “Presence

          1. I have no work, in the sense, I don’t do anything that will earn me money. So what I do by God’s grace is to enjoy doing what I enjoy doing. Which is mentoring, advising, blogging, writing, speaking, new learnings, networking , drawing, painting, travelling etc. etc. – the list is long to fill my days, month, years remaining, Regards. Jay

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          2. This phase too will pass. Things always average out. Good n bad always come in exact equal proportions. Hope should never be the strategy though. πŸ™πŸ™

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