Senseless! :/

If I tell you I’m a liar

Does that make it a lie?

If you lie about lying

Does it become the truth?

84 thoughts on “Senseless! :/

            1. If I say I’m glad, it means I’m thankful I’ve been of some use to someone.
              My poem is an inspiration eh?
              That’s something new.πŸ˜›

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            2. You can hail a Geisha. Enjoy a meal of raw fish, Saki, and Kimchi, you see!

              But never, ever kiss a Geisha in public like I did in 1969 Taegu!

              Angry words and fists did fly and I had to make a rapid goodbye!

              You may be right. Maybe, she is looking for vengeance!

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            3. While in the USAF and stationed in TAEGU AB. The Korean officers invited to the Geisha house. They give you too much Saki so you get wacky and wobbly!

              The Geisha was the niece of one of the officers! A good time was had by all!

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            4. Retired! Blog!

              Write; Art; neuroplasticity; a healthy lifestyle. Learning to play the piano and also strive to learn new things like language scripts; Spanish; the various religions/cultures; and the Truth: whatever that is!?

              My daughter, Amy Barbera is an inspirational singer.

              Julie is a life coach, speaks five languages! (

              Former USAF officer, Jazz musician, meteorologist, manager, and computer consultant at the U.S. Department of State.

              As Albert Einstein aptly said,

              Imagination is more important than knowledge … Information is not knowledge, experience is knowledge!


            5. Then move to a country where class distinctions and such aren’t limiting factors.

              I had projects at the State Department with people from every continent, race and religion.

              The only limiting factor was their ability to get the job done!

              Schools attended, degrees acquired, and β€˜calendar’ years of experience were not the factors of major important.

              What mattered was life knowledge; their β€˜real’ experience; their ability to get the job done: right and for the right reasons!

              Hell! I had no one to pay for my education; was told I would not be able to attend college; and when I did get ahead they would say you really did good being from where you came from!

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            6. Times change, you know that better than anyone. It’s hard to get even a low paying job these days and moving to another country requires huge amount of money and network.
              It’s pretty hard.

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            7. Yes it is very hard! Yet in America there are jobs where they can’t find qualified applicants. Especially in the trades like plumbers, electricians and even the computer industry itself!

              The cost to move is a passport, visa, and airplane fare!

              You have your blog network and fellow countrymen who now live in America or Europe.

              Examine the options.

              Nothing comes easy, really! Nothing of importance that is!

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            8. I’m almost 80. I look, act, and think like I’m sixty or less.

              That’s not my opinion. It’s what everyone, including doctor’s, think went they first meet me. My wife is always mistaken to be my mother!

              It’s not Nature or heredity or genes. Based on Nature I should be dead already!

              It’s Nurture!

              What I decided to eat, drink, think, and do!

              A few years ago, I decided I could raise my IQ to a level where I could qualify for Mensa!

              And I have based on Stanford-Binet!

              But IQ is not as important as you may think.

              There are other forms of intelligence: artistic, musical, sports, emotional, etc. And emotional may be the most important of all for real success!

              Never give up on your dreams!

              Research the Web for other options: even US Government options, maybe!

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  1. If you’re a liar and you say you’re a liar, then you’re not a liar na. πŸ€”πŸ€” So, first wale ka answer is Yes.

    If I lie to you, and I say I didn’t lie, then it doesn’t become the truth. So, No.

    Kya complicated aptitude ke questions solve karwa rahe ho. πŸ˜’ I had one very interesting example for solving this. Bataungi baad me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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