Howling, he stood
On the boulder
The world shook
Everytime he cried, harder
Thick was his hide
And pelage
That moved like fire
Time has come,
Vengeance, his desire
Nothing seemed to stop him
Not even the world entire
Clouds conquered the skies
His path, a wild fire
Leaving the pack behind,
It’s death, he must defy
What waited ahead
Were his demons
Shattered, his
It is himself
He has to fight

You might find this incomplete but believe me, I’m happy I could at least write this far. My mind has been empty and felt like I’m losing the habit, so I started writing this piece.
It’s hard when you’re used to writing everyday but don’t have anything to say all of a sudden.
This is my morning motivation, to write.

79 thoughts on “Writing practice/Morning motivation

  1. For when the writers bell tolls, an often frequent inanity of verse-lessβ€”monthly mental chills thwart the desire to penβ€”he drives on… shear desperation, whatever he will flows awkwardly as ink blots on oil spillsβ€”futility presses forth tripe and driveled lines untold, senseless his mind is stopped, empty silence shows the glaring, disconnected sensory nerves and the disappoint of a writless morn.

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      1. I was at work earlier. I just driveled on your drivel. Actually yours really liked. Sometimes I get stuck if I can’t finish all in a sitting. A lot of feelings are hard to get back to.

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            1. I haven’t been active on there a long time. Sometimes I can’t share, especially these days. I don’t use it in my normal work. Too controversial. But, I’m going for the simple life now.

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  2. Congratulations!! I’m glad you could write this. πŸ˜„ Looks like this wolf’s really going to burn the world down, just like Fireflyyy!! So, Samepinchhhh. 😹 Your words remind me of a tv series I used to watch huh. Paints a vivid picture. ❀

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