When all the pain
Starts to sink in,
A chill surges
Through the spine
I close my eyes
To dying light
Nothing but darkness
Surrounds me
I’m used to these nightmares
They can’t scare me
In this abyss, taking turns
Through this madness
I run
There come the sands of
Guilt and pleasure
Scorching my feet,
Bare and under pressure
Then came the
Oasis, I quench my thirst
Throat still dry,
It tastes like tears
“Where are you headed?”
Said a voice
I look up to see
A man from the skies
I point my finger to East
And see
The blue turned red,
Where is this man?
Nowhere to be seen
“I know what you did”
I heard him say
“I’m in the whispers of
The wind,
I’m everywhere”
Following the tone,
I took my course,
Chasing the winds,
Losing myself
This is something I chose

20 thoughts on “Fever dream

  1. ‘Sand of guilt and pleasure, scorching my feet’, I lovvve this. 😻 Also, your poems are getting so interesting these days, it’s like a scene painted before the eyes. This one reminds me of the Alchemist and The Hunger Games series together. Usme bhi aasmaan me se aawaaz aati thi. 😹😹

    Btw, I’m too dumb too understand this. Did you meet God? πŸ™€ If the answer is yes, then I’d say, pain makes even an atheist remember God.

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