You know what’s worse?

Silence when I need a voice

Lonliness when I dread silence

How do I make things better?

By listening to myself

And loving my own presence

There’s this lesson I’ve learned the hard way: If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will. All these days, I valued myself based on how others treated me but things are going to change now.

I’m taking charge.

I’m only paying attention to myself and my voice and my gut feeling has never failed me.

Good day to y’all, fellas!

13 thoughts on “Changes.

  1. It’s great to know you are valuing yourself and loving yourself. There is just one thing I want to share that I’ve learnt – we are loveable even when we aren’t able to love ourselves. I mean loving yourself is good, but not a condition necessary to meet to receive love. People do love you even when you don’t love yourself (There was a time when even I thought if I don’t love myself no one will love me, but it changed)
    Hope you do heal yourself and value yourself

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