About love.

“But you two are perfect!!”

“Maybe that’s why we drifted apart. We were so perfect, we didn’t need each other; two halves make a full. Two fulls are two different entities.

Perfection never works.

Even if it does, it doesn’t last.

We’re human, meant to be imperfect. We find refuge in someone else and so do they. That’s love.

We give and we take.

Love isn’t just giving, it’s taking too.”

Make sure you don’t empty yourself filling someone else’s void.

39 thoughts on “About love.”

            1. Haha.. Dont be buddy.. I am not that calculative person.. Also I solve my problems on my own and irritate people for that.. 😜

              I love math but there’s a lot of difference between us.. Like you said in the poem.. Neither am I perfect nor is Math.. And Thus, I love math and math loves me.. 🀣

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