Leave my hand
Wave at me
Say goodbye and
Smile with a wink
Fly away,
Spread your wings
I’ll find my way
And a new beginning
My part ends here, you see
Keep me alive
In your memories
Remember this, just let it be
Don’t you fret
Over what we are
And what we could be
Life is a beach (πŸ˜›)
People are waves from the sea

41 thoughts on “Listen

            1. If you love someone, let go
              If you don’t, let go
              Basically let everyone go
              Because people ruin beautiful things
              – Khalil Ghibran (I guess)

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            2. Time ek measurement hai it’ll stop when we stop counting. Entropy is an ongoing process everywhere.

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            3. Clock will tick because of it’s mechanisms. Just because you count and the clock ticks doesn’t mean time is beyond measure.
              There are processes that occur consistently causing things to happen either in order or in a chaotic manner. Time can stop but what’s happening around us won’t.πŸ˜›

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            4. Naaaai. I agree with some part of it. What’s happening won’t stop, but what’s happening is only happening because there is time. πŸ˜’ If my watch stops, doesn’t mean my life stopped, but that also doesn’t mean time stopped. I’m living life matlab time hai na. πŸ‘Š

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            1. I don’t always preach but when I do, I bore people with things they already know.πŸ˜…


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