Can’t swim

You say you’re

Deep as an ocean

Always restless,

With waves of thoughts

Whirlpools of feelings

And secrets buried in trench

What do I do, my dear?

I’m just another bloke

Who can’t swim

96 thoughts on “Can’t swim

  1. Indian origins are a mess..! I agree..

    If the equation would have been easy everyone would have loved math..!

    Life is a mathematical equation and so is love.. Not everyone can solve it but the one who gets it with efforts is the one who rules..!

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            1. Oh I know how complicated women can get! And I’m not really into truth tables, you see.😂
              I’m allergic to pools, not shores.
              The shore I’ve been in before got complicated, so much that I ruined it myself. And the one before that got out of hand from the origin (parents).
              I know what craziness is like but it’s not necessary!😫😫
              Please simplify the equation! Not everyone is good at math!

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            1. Straightforward questions always attract unnecessary arguments instead of answers. 😂😂
              No boy is interested enough to formulate a riddle, we’re creatures with simple tastes. We love food and drinks and movies and a deep talk.😊

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  2. Awww! Then I have one advice for you. This advice comes from experience. 😒 The water looks very alluring and all haan, but never ever jump into it, cause na it’s 8ft deep and your instructor is looking the other way. 😂😂 Koi bachaane ko nahi aayega ji. Stay away from deep waters at all costs.

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