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            1. Early morning you thought of cactus.. Why? Were the roses out of fashion or something..
              Plus you see every girl having either sand or thorns or dark spots of moon on her.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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            2. Hating flowers is not moo!😐
              Fragile?? Don’t cover it up!
              Complicated, hard to get, too much work, handle with Care and beware!
              Too many red flags but we still dare to make a move.πŸ˜‘


            1. Good Point.. You know.. According to my principles our life is made up of such small small points.. Like the moo point.. The ribbon point… The cha-ching point.. The flash point and that from where the phrase.. “Good point” has come into existence…

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            2. Yah there could be.. Let’s see.
              Gun point could be when someone wakes you up from a deep peaceful sleep and askes you if you were sleeping.. That’s a gunpoint maybe

              My brother does that to me and I just feel like shooting him..

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            3. Ok.. When you wear one T-shirt with “side management” thing of yours.. You wear a shirt.. Then you remove it and it’s you know.. Ulta. Then you wear it like that and next time you remove it.. It’s straight. So you do this for 4 days n then change your shirt. Apparently till the time you are done with “side management” of the other shirt your previous shirt is washed so you wear it again and this repeats. So calculatively you wear 2 shirts for your entire life and buy like 100..whats the big deal if we use them..

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            4. Forget it.. I understood what I said because obviously I said it so I understood.. We deserve your stuff cause you promise to take care of us during rakhi so if your stuff takes care of us.. We deserve it..

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            5. You can take us shopping and NOT buy stuff that we say yes this is nice.. Buy something we say eww to. Plus let us also shop and you pay the bill this way we won’t take your stuff.. Cause firstly we don’t like it much and secondly we have our own new stuff.
              Try it out.. Worked with my brother

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            6. With my brother.. It always works.. Plus he stays away so you know I don’t get his stuff anymore.. 😒
              Not staying with elder brother is worst you know.. There’s a lot of things I miss and your sister too feel blue if you weren’t around her..

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            7. Of course.. The very first thing.. He comes late night so he pulls my blanket and wakes me up and it’s always a surprise so I jump and wake up.. Then movie n shopping and his favorite cafe and stuff..

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            8. Yah.. We are sisters.. That’s what we do.. I don’t remember this but I am told this.. My brother once held my nose in such a way that I could not breathe plus held blocked the air going in through my mouth by holding my lips.. Srsly.. I could’ve died.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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            9. No I don’t have any idea cause maybe my life is made up “Moo”s

              Just kidding.. Maybe you are right.. I am stubborn as long as I have some sort of worries.. In a happy mood.. My life is made of Roar points..!

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            10. Sure.. Why not..
              Moo point.. Things or talks doesn’t make a lot of diff..
              Ribbon point.. Just cut it out.
              Blah blah point… Shut up buddy just shut up.
              Cha-Ching point.. Finally I earned.
              Woo point.. Yay.! I love this thing.
              Shussh point.. I really need to give the other person some time to talk.
              History point… I have gone really destructive and completely insane.
              PUBG point… Stop Firing at me.. (My friends have thought of this) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
              That’s all I can think of now..

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            11. That would be zero.. Because I clearly said that when I yell it standing in front of a person and you are not in front of me I did not yell but typed it so technically that would be a zero..

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