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            1. Actually these were 2 critical years of my life… My future depends on them, u know… So have to focus on studies… That’s why I’m not so often seen here…

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            1. It forces me to study stuff I am not at interested in.. We were together for like a month but things were just not right..
              Math understood me and helped me solve problems on my own but oh god! Science! So many things at once.. We just thought that breaking up would be easier I guess..

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            2. Since you asked, The reasons behind us breaking up are the scientists who took birth millions of years ago and found theories laws and stuff by looking at apples and thunder storms and realizing that insects aren’t the smallest creatures but there’s a hell lot of crap when you open it up..!

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            3. Oh no no no…! That will take a lot of time.. I will punch when I meet them up in heaven.. As soon as possible!
              And time machine can’t ever come into existence for the past or the future..! It’s not possible cause people are dead and into ashes, they can’t be brought back and people to take birth can’t be predicted because of the biological facts..

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