I walked barefoot

In your dunes

I prayed for an oasis

You blessed me with a mirage

94 thoughts on “🏜️

          1. Hmmm…Actually I am an overthinker and a habitual daydreamer!
            One part of me was bashing this habit and the other was telling me that how daydreaming fills even the saddest of the situations with abundance of light!
            …and then I saw this post….Scary!

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            1. No need to be sorry! I wasn’t having the worst day either so I am good (enough!)
              …Someone just look at this guy! Roasting his readers in the comment section! (huh!) *my eyes are on a rolling spree…Yay! *

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            2. *Switching back to serious mode*
              We often try to hide our emotions behind something…’fake smiles’ do the honor on some days and superficial words take charge on the other!
              (Not calling your words superficial…just a thought!) *smiley as always*

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