To play with your hair

To gaze at your flair

To see you laugh

And cry in pain

To run into your arms and

Be amazed at your charm

To fight you till I die

To live until I can’t

To sleep on your shoulder

When you’re giggling at my smolder

To take what you call your ‘all’

To leap

So you break my fall

This is an old post rotting at the bottom of draft section, so I decided to pull it up and post no matter whatsoever. This might look silly because it’s from over a year ago when I didn’t even start writing sentences that rhyme.

40 thoughts on “All I wanna do is

            1. Yeah! I will make sure that it turns out to be perfect! (that is my workaholic-self greeting you here…trust me she doesn’t leave me alone until I am done working)
              *widest smile possible for a fake affirmation*
              I will be back soon. *waves and smiles*

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