I imagined you to be someone

You were not

I convinced myself to love you

Everytime you didn’t

I faked a smile

Everytime I cried

I faked my tears

That always made you smile

One thing was for sure

I was your monster

And you were mine

We loved our masks

And boy, did we shine!

65 thoughts on “

            1. In front of her, there is a glass of water and a cup of tea… Deciding which one to throw at him!
              *throws water because she loves tea*
              *he gets super furious*
              *runs away* Bhaago! 😲😰

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            2. Thanks btw then.
              We sometimes fail to sit down and discuss things like adults do and that’s where it goes wrong.
              Why can’t women have a proper discussion!??
              (It’s not your fault okay? It’s all mine. Happy?)
              *Plays memory reel*

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            3. Wait, I wasn’t pointing you out! This was a general comment! What was your fault? Did anything go wrong? Am I missing out on something?
              And women can have a proper discussion…for sure…But we don’t like to jump to conclusions…We wait for clear cues so that we don’t end up hurting someone!

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            4. No…We don’t assume things…
              Okay let me elaborate…(example considered: friendzone issue)
              Guys are always of the opinion that all girls are entitled and hence try to tag them ‘friends’ and play ‘hard to get’ but no girl would wanna make things awkward by just jumping onto conclusions by assuming that every nice gesture is a way to show some special affection! Be very clear and just speak what you are wanting to say…believe me…we appreciate honesty! We are not sitting here, wanting to solve your puzzles!

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            5. We never have an opinion of entitlement. Hell, most of us are really afraid to initiate a conversation. But girls do jump into conclusions which makes things kinda hard.
              Y’know what’s the hard part?? Being honest derails us.πŸ˜‘ It starts a whole new argument and it’s brutally annoying. You appreciate honesty but your actions seldom encourage it.πŸ˜› I’m not generalizing anyway so I’ll stop here.

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            6. *whew* I am glad that it was general…I thought that I did something wrong!
              I know…you guys are scared of conversation…my friend group was almost guys…so I know!
              But you know what…I once waited for three whole years for this guy to confess and the tough part was that he would speak about it to all his friends but me…And if you think that you make it crystal clear in your gestures then please know better…it is all super friendly.
              In the end I had to make the first move and then his boy-ego was hurt that a girl made the move! Do you even know that how frustrating this is!
              And if you ever come across a girl who gets offended by honesty…then I am sorry you deserve better…this relationship will always revolve around fake smiles and forced chivalry (aka toxic)!

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            7. Hahaha! I am proud of myself to have gone through all of that! πŸ™‚
              But now the problem is that none of my age mates can relate to me and older people don’t take me seriously because of the age! *lonely*πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

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            8. You took me seriously because you didn’t know that I was 19…I am sure you wouldn’t have treated me like that if you knew that beforehand! πŸ™‚
              I have already adjusted to the situation! πŸ˜‡

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