What do you do when you need a recharge? I usually get it done online or from a store where they sell it. But there are people who think out of the box and act inside the box. The box I’m referring to here is mobile phone.

Look, I never thought I’d find beggars on the internet because I’ve always found plenty on roads. I’m not speaking against people who beg because they got no option but I definitely don’t support people who beg pretending to be women.

So it happened to me long ago when I first opened my Tinder account, excited to meet new people. I come under the category “Not here for hookups”, the kind that likes to chat and know people. I was lucky enough to have two matches in a single day, which many say is luck. Two days later, I realize that it’s men who must make the first move because women never do.

Three days later, I got a new match, this girl was beautiful, had good sense of humor which was evident from her bio and worked for an IT company. To my surprise, she texted first! Little did I know little miss IT had something else in store for me.

A few minutes of the most boring chat later came the big question:

“Do you use PayTM? Please recharge my account.”

I immediately checked the number on True Caller and a guy’s name came up. This aroused suspicion and was sure this was a guy since I knew a few people who did things like these in past so I decided to talk to him just for the sake of it.

There are gold diggers on Tinder, this I know but recharge beggars? This is the first one I’ve come across. A few mins of chat later,

“Are you getting it recharged or not? I usually hate asking but you seem like a nice guy who I can trust with no doubts. Get it done already! Don’t you have 30 rupees?”

Now this got to my nerves but I decided to act cool, took a deep breath and texted:

“Where are you from, bro? Why fake being a woman?”

This must’ve pissed him off so he unmatched me after a mildly offensive

“Fuck off” text.

Guys there are people desperate for a match but that doesn’t mean you can cash in on them. We’re being scammed enough already and the last thing we want is us snatching things from under each other’s asses. Ugh!

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