The bag flew right into the tubelight spawning sparks as the glass frame shattered all over. There were students trying to bring the black board down and partially succeeded as it was too heavy and tightly fixed.

Within seconds, all of the lights were broken and shattered, fans had their wings bent towards the ceiling, pieces of chalks flew around while the students threw them at each other. It was not a classroom anymore. The college now seemed like a warzone.

I carefully stepped out of the room into the people flooding out of their classes toward the exit gate and the staff tried to contain them in vain. The grills were bent, collateral damage was high. Window glasses had things thrown at them as they broke into pieces. The ones who really were interested in the classes had no choice but to go back home, those responsible for this were unstoppable and the others just wanted a break, so they walked out voluntarily.

It was a mess.

The college was known for discipline which it no longer sheltered. There were hundreds of students parading out of the exit in the next few minutes and I was one amongst them.

I never understood the need for all the violence when we could simply walk out. Everything we destroyed may have been bought with the fee we paid to them for our education.

The same goes to protesters who burn vehicles and destroy public property. Do we even realize that it’s our money that we’re destroying? Why don’t we just stop for a minute and observe where our anger is taking us?

What’s described above was the result of a few angry students and their leader. The problem was puny but the reaction caused catastrophe. Imagine the same taking a community as an example. What would the result be??

A civil unrest.

Let’s take time to think and talk.

53 thoughts on “Issues.

  1. Fews days back such a thing happened in our society too. Apparently a rift on a petty issue happened between students and some elderly people which resulted in house arrest of those people and total chaos!People really need to calm down ,think and stay miles away violence.

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  2. Everything has its pros and cons and I think this condition has some too.
    Resentment and tension between communities often takes the form of communal violence and riots. But the bearers and sufferers are the majority of ‘aam janta’.
    But then sometimes, only sometimes, it is necessary to take a physical action too because the government tries to ignore the demands, for they are greedy only for power and money. I mean, the inefficiency of the government to some extent is the cause of violence. Of course the stereotypes and communal prejudices and quest for political dominance cannot be ignored.

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    1. Right on! But there is a problem with faculties too, it’s sheer negligence. They don’t care. The quality of education has gone down, it stooped so low, we were trained to get grades but not knowledge.
      All it takes is a talk and things can be solved.


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