Just see

There’s this trap, you see

When you fall,

Can’t snap out of it,

All those comforting words

Do nothing but mislead

Why do you look elsewhere

When I wait for you right here?

Why are you blown away

By someone who was never there?

When the sweetness wears off, my dear

I’m scared you’ll be all alone,

And I can do nothing but shed a tear

Make haste, don’t lean

Run away, you have no idea

What you stepped in

22 thoughts on “Just see

  1. Just see, how many hearts you have touched.
    Just see, for how many inexpressive minds you wrote.
    Just see, how miserably I fail to praise you.
    Just see, how I am trying to make it hilarious, but could not!
    * Hahaha *
    But seriously, nice one.

    Liked by 2 people

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