My eyes were forcibly exposed to sunlight from the windows telling me it’s morning already and I’m late. Eyelids, lazy as hell refused to open up, well, they have no choice anyway.

My hands searched all over the bed to find my phone but couldn’t. Time for eye and hand coordination has come but they don’t go that well together in mornings. I tried turning upside down to save my eyes from the brightness but it was too late. As my arm fell to the ground from corner of the bed, there lay the phone like a lifeless stone.

You know what’s scary? A rat running over my fingers that made me leap from one end of the room to another. Why are rats so scary? Ugh! Throw me to the devil but please spare me from the rat’s wrath. This brings me to the million dollar question; what the fuck is the cat doing? Why are we feeding it for? Behind me was the cat, the thug life cat, doing nothing. I give it a mean look, it gave me the ‘meh’ one, okay now, kitty, go! Do your shit! C’mon! Please. 😦

I woke my ass up and walked it to the bathroom so I can wash my face and face the morning with pride. Then suddenly, realization struck. What do I have to be proud of? A rat just scared the shit out of me, the cat doesn’t give a shit about me and then there’s cockroaches shitting all over. Sometimes I find cockroaches more organized than us humans. They have hideouts, they have families that follow each other, nothing dysfunctional about them.

The clock then struck nine.

Another Sunday’s gonna bite the dust and there’s nothing I can do about it. There are messages waiting to be replied, people starting to hate me and then there’s me, tossing around in bed with hundreds of regrets yet no remorse.

“I got 99 problems but the…” Says my phone. Yeah, music starts and ends my day.

I’m used to it.



Carpe diem, they say.

The day was thus seized from me by trivial shit.

83 thoughts on “Sunday morning. Where’s the motivation??

  1. I dont think that cat eats rats. They eat mice. I think they are even afraid of Rats. Dont ask me what s the difference between them.
    And I am more afraid of cockroaches than rodents. Animated morning eh? Ha3

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      1. Oh this thing called the “brain” loves tormenting me whilst I try to sleep, so yeah, I stay up playing games or watching movies to avoid thatπŸ˜‚ besides, mum woke me up for badminton, which is healthy, so can’t really blame herπŸ˜›

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          1. I’m assuming the video games wale games, not many, *nerd alert* there are these logical reasoning games called “One brain” and “brain it all” and I installed the sims 4, which I think I might uninstall in some time because it’s too addictive

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