The world is huge,

That’s what they say

Do you think it’s true?

Because wherever I go,

I stumble upon you

I wandered around

Without a clue,

A homeless man

Who do I look up to?

Fell from Grace, misbehaved,

Ran for a lifetime, but I am sure

Changed my world,

Made my way, home, at last

And yeah, that’s you

Now hold my hand, let’s get lost

Into the blue

Into the blue

60 thoughts on “…..

            1. There’s an awful lot of neuro studies in NDE, OBE, shadow figures, astral glides, ghosts, all of it. It’s all neutral findings but none of it supports supernatural. The god they seek is in their heads and it’s all projections of self. β€œBy the hormones he shall find your gods” CommonAtheist 3:42

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