The jar is full of pills

I take one a day

So it slowly kills

I slit my wrist tonight

There’s no death

In the blood that spills

So I run, my friend

Follow the bleeding trail

Find me,

Find me in the end

68 thoughts on “In the end

  1. Shut up and come here. Aise Kaun sochta hai re?? Pingu kahinke. Maar khaoge. Chup chaap Apne kamre mein jao.
    Aaj kal ke bacche bhi na๐Ÿ˜ก
    Kuchh Khushi waala likho, aur yeh faltu ki cheezein sochna chodo.๐Ÿ˜ค

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            1. The Sudan needs you. Burundi needs you too! Hehe. I would look into the Nordic countries though. Iโ€™d go there and do volunteer work as a near sighted gynecologist.

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            2. I really canโ€™t imagine. You should have never internetted/blogged. Now youโ€™ve seen the world and it makes you feel cheated I think. . Youโ€™ll figure it out. I think Italy would be a good match for you too. You speak a italiano?

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            3. All that crap about dowry and castes. Canโ€™t imagine navigating that way really. Hang in there my fiend. Youโ€™ll find your way. I just think youโ€™re awesome.

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            4. Castes and dowry and then women have specific needs, like the guy has to be an engineer or must earn a six figure salary. It’s a tough world out there. Thank you, Jim.
              I’m hanging.

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