66 thoughts on “You

            1. Nah. I’ve never been in any trouble. Not my world. I used to haul a lot of patients out of the prison. I used to ask them questions, like what they were in jail for, how long they were in. It was a way of life for most of them. I remember one guy asking me β€œwhy all the questions?” I told hin I’d never been in jail before. He thought I was lying. He didn’t have any friends that hadn’t been in. He couldn’t even imagine my life. Kinda sad really.

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            1. Okay this is an old one.

              Beggar: help a blind man, sire, some money please.
              Man: how do I believe you’re blind?
              Beggar: do you see that tree over there?
              Man: yes
              Beggar: I don’t

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            2. Haha.🀣🀣🀣
              Isi khushi mein ek aur.
              Q. There’s a Gujarati guy with ten sisters. What’s his favourite cartoon?
              Ans. Ben 10
              * if you didn’t get the joke, the explanation is that in gujarati, behen sounds like Ben *

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