Oh! Please!


How long can you hold your piss when it’s that cold? Man! I couldn’t even move, I cringed. My vacation at Shimla went great with a few tiring stops here and there, the most irritating of them was holding shit in. Literally.

We camped the night before where we did things in a tent adjacent to ours. The water was freezing cold and no chance I’m wiping my ass with that. Don’t mind my foul mouth, it likes messing around. It’s innocent though, trust me.

So this time, I was desperately in search of a bathroom and I barged into a hospital through the crowd. I’ve run through corridors and floors in vain. Whatever is inside me is in a hurry, it’s an emergency.I’m a guy, after all, so I went to a pretty looking woman for directions. She was standing by the lift with a stethoscope in her hands. Any chances she’s a doc? Was she taking it to someone? Who cares? I approached her shaking in my boots, not because if fear this time.

“Can you please tell me where the restrooms are?” I asked.


“Restrooms, please, which way do I go?”

“Rest, room??”


I calmed my shit down and tried again.

“Washroom, where is it, ma’am?”

“Kya???” (What in Hindi)

“Toilet kaha hai, behen??” (Where’s the bathroom, sister?)

“Make a left and you’ll find it a little further”

I made a run for it. I kept running. I couldn’t run anymore.

Now there’s a toilet sign there and before I could make a sigh of relief, I noticed something terrible.

The girl directed me to Ladies’ toilet.

Well played, girl.

You win, 0-1.

Shimla was beautiful, btw. I couldn’t get enough!! The picture above is taken on my phone, the best I’ve taken so far. A good picture in a shitty post. Not that bad, eh?πŸ˜‰

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            1. “People who boast about their IQ are loosers”. -Stephen Hawking
              Unke hi kadam prr chal rhi hu. Vaise mai topper nahi huπŸ˜‚

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