“you know too much and that led to your disbelief.” She said.

I don’t know too much but I know enough to not believe in a supernatural, omniscient and omnipotent entity called god. Been a believer for twenty five years of my life without questioning, just nodding. There was a time when I frequented temples because they gave me peace.

Some people always try to separate God from religion but is there a religion without the concept of God? Why do we have different sets of Gods for different religions? If that’s the case, why don’t people defend themselves rather than a religious ideology? They say God doesn’t need people but people need god. If God doesn’t need people, why are we told to worship? If that’s a way to show our gratitude for creating us, we weren’t created but evolved. Okay, I’m grateful, but since he doesn’t need us, why do we show gratitude? If that’s our duty as a human, why believe in someone that created us and left us here on our own? Isn’t he responsible? If he isn’t, why’s he a god? If mere creations make us gods, scientists can clone and create life and they’re humans. Does that make us God?

God isn’t an entity. God is a belief.

Religion might be a set of rules created by humans to guide us on a path, heaven and hell maybe made up concepts so that we control our actions. They say your soul is tormented for your sins in hell. But soul doesn’t have a body, which means sense organs are absent. How the hell does it feel the pain? A soul is intangible, so how is it ripped apart or punished in fire and instruments of hell?

Every concept is ultimately flawed, just as we are.

“God created the universe.”

“Who created god?”

“He created himself”

“Why can’t we apply the same to universe? If he can exist out of nothing, can’t universe create itself? And what kind of being creates itself?”

“You don’t understand.”


Let’s just say we all have our own beliefs and questioning isn’t wrong. Either give an answer or leave me be, that’s all I ask.

There are Innocents dying, kids suffering and an ongoing refugee crisis. If you say we did it to ourselves and God has nothing to do with it, a God who’s waiting for right time is no God at all. After all, he watches over everything, right?

A religion that doesn’t have a reason to convince becomes a force that converts.

78 thoughts on “Assumptions on beliefs.

  1. Interesting thoughts, and written very realistically! As a human life that is committed to Christ I have made my choice as to who I believe. Here’s a deep thought for you from thousands of years in the past. Nearly every temple, icon, ancient obelisk has inscriptions that tell of the wonders of that deity. Ex. The temple of the Sun God RA tells of: enemies overcome, tragedies averted, the amount and kind of tribute demanded and deserved.
    Yet when I open my Old Testament, it runs counter to the braggadocio so common three to five thousand years ago. What do we read? We read a fairly balanced account of success and failure. It reads more like a parent trying to coach and mentor their kids; “If it hurts when you bang your head on the wall, dear, why don’t you stop?”


  2. Philosophically we have two Temples one is our mind and one is our heart; strangers have destroyed our temples by misinterpretations and translations with lies of a metaphysical aspiration of beings. It is up to you to build the Third temple on solid foundations.
    I read these words of yours on this post a couple days ago, and was thinking of them last night. You appear to be a very bright, smart young man. I do not believe in a god, gods were created by religions and men thoughts. Which in turn points you to go to the churches, synagogues, what ever you want to call them. As you said, to make you feel good, and then they ask you for money. They do not tell you the truth. The One Father, Creator never once asked me what is in my bank account. He only wants a relationship with me.
    Here is a Website, https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/75915980, Written by a Man, with wisdom beyond his years. Words you may have never heard before. He does not fall for the lies of the world, nor do I. Food for thought.

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      1. You said in your post “Been a believer for twenty five years of my life without questioning, just nodding. ” That is what they want you to do. Never stop asking questions, or you become stagnant.

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        1. It never actually made sense but I went along for my parents. Still do but not much now. They know my stand.
          I question people now.
          I probe for answers.
          I neither wanna criticize nor praise but just wanna know. The more I know, the better I feel.


          1. Exactly, I fell for the lies of religions my whole life, I am 58 years old and have been reborn over the last few months, Religions do not want you to know the truth, they want you to think the only way to talk to the Father is threw them. I talk to Him directly, men have gone against the Creator from the beginning. He never left us, we left Him.

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            1. Check out some of the Post by Ron T. feel free to ask him questions. He will have an answer for you. He has a terminal illness, yet he refuses to stop writing the words of truth to help anyone who ask.

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            1. Yo! But I have an opinion here.
              You stated “Almost all of the atheists now were believers once, I can tell you that.”
              That’s not exactly true.
              At least in my case.
              Because I’ve never had belief in god since childhood. I tried a lot, hell a lot to stick into fit. But the questions in me laughed hilariously every time when my heart flunked to get convinced. Maybe we are brought-up what we are taught to. Having an atheist dad by my side, who explained me that, Galileo Galilei was threatened to life when he made a statement that “Earth revolves around the sun” which was initially a major contradiction according to Bible.
              Not every atheist was a believer once, some are brat since birth Lol.
              Btw it was a fabulous post ❀


  3. That person u had a conversation with must be super cool. I disagree with many points and even perspective but this would be a long ongoing arguments if I start so I d just say nothing and read the very interesting comments.

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    1. I’m not surprised. When did you even agree with me? Forget theology, you disagree with everything when it’s me you’re arguing with.πŸ˜‚ We had this discussion for an hour and a half and there are no Victors. You don’t have answers for some and neither do I.
      Read the comments and go ahead. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

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      1. the point in arguments is not really about who wins or not. It s more about how faithful u are in sticking to ur opinion right? I think what s great about it is getting even a broader view when considering the other s perspective.

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  4. Overall what I can say is this post is really very exceptional and meaningful. Every line has a different meaning and a different point of view all over there are different opinions of observing a particular thing.
    Keep up the good work, BB 😊
    I loved ur post as always 😊😊

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  5. I really would like to say something, but I fear that I don’t know enough to convince you and I may explain with the wrong words. I had all those questions myself, and I really hope you find all those answers before your time is over.

    I’m guessing you’re an atheist, and I was really curious about sumn with atheism.

    When someone is wronged in this life, and dies for it, when are they going to get back their rights??? And if there was no one to…watch your sins, the why don’t you sin? I don’t mean it to be offensive, but I’m really curious. If I believed that there was no bigger force to punish me for my wrongs, then I’d surely steal and maybe even kill. So what exactly stops you, other than your conscience?

    By the way, I heard this about “the creation of God”. Many people often wonder about that, and my teacher said, “If God was created, then God was flawed. Anyone/anything that was created by another someone/something has a weakness, as they did not exist before the creator invented it. Wouldn’t God be not a God if he was created? If someone created God, then God isn’t God.” I’m not sure if that makes any sense since it’s translated.


    1. “If I believed that there was no bigger force to punish me for my wrongs, then I’d surely steal and maybe even kill.” Wow, and that’s your problem not anyone elses. You make a great argument that Christians aren’t good people at all.

      I don’t need some boogeyman to keep me from not wanting to kill and steal. I don’t do either or any other harmful acts since I have empathy and a goodly amount of enlightened self -interest.

      “If God was created, then God was flawed. ” So, the earth before the “fall” was flawed? There is no need for a god, the laws of physics do quite well, and they may be just as “eternal” as you want to pretend your god is.

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    2. I am am atheist now, kid but I was a believer before. Almost all of the atheists now were believers once, I can tell you that. “This life”?? How can you be so sure there’s another life waiting? There might be eerie proofs for past life incidences but there’s another example of a young boy that remembers his life on Mars. He could point out exact locations without even looking at the map. Why doesn’t any of our religious book talk about life on another planet?
      If what’s keeping you from doing something wrong is a fear of divine wrath, it’s a classic failure on the part of religion for not driving people on the right path. It must teach people how to live in peace without intimidation and fear.l, a righteous path. A good family and right parenting can do it better than religion.
      “If someone created god, God isn’t God” then ma’am, “If God created himself, it’s still a creation and he’d still not be god because there’s some cause for his creation even if it’s himself. If God can exist by himself and you believe it and not prove it, why can’t universe be the same because we can’t prove that either? Everything underwent a thorough process of evolution.
      Religion advocates creationism but evolution is a proved process.

      I admire your argument, Nour. πŸ™‚

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      1. Thanks for making me understand your beliefs a bit more. It’s not everyday that I can freely ask someone without them getting hurt.

        I guess it’s because we’ve different thoughts about the existence of Earth. I don’t believe that how everything is in sync is because of a coincidence, or something similar. As for evolution, I thought of it as a bit flawed. This is my opinion and not something taken from a religious book, by the way. I don’t get evolution since who created the first creature so that they can get evolved? There are beliefs that bacteria were the first…ummm. creatures? On Earth, but who created bacteria? And if it’s viewed as a coincidence, then I can’t fully grasp the idea of ’em eventually getting to be multicellular and even form organs, bodies, souls and so on.

        As for the life on other planets and how religious books don’t mention it…I did wonder about that too. But, I found out, that the more we live, the more meanings we find in our holy book. For example, a scientist found out that pharaoh was drowned, when we already knew that hundreds of years ago. And, a few months ago, I found out that there is a verse about elevators, and this book was, again, written hundreds of years ago.

        I’m not trying to convince you, by the way. I’m just giving you a glimpse of why I believe in this religion, and not merely bc my parents believe in it too.

        I really hope you don’t get offended by this comment. I choose not to answer to that other reply because they’re looking for a fight when I’m merely arguing, trying to check out how others’ think.
        Thanks =)

        Sorry for the long comment xD

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        1. Are you referring to the Pharaoh who was also a friend of Moosa?
          There are unanswered questions, hundreds of them. We all find different ways of making sense of what we don’t understand.
          Always glad to have a verbal spar with ya, kid. You’re fun. πŸ™‚


          1. I’m glad you understand. I truly respect you.

            I enjoy it bc I don’t have to be careful with my words. =)

            It’s your fault that I spent 10 minutes on this when I’m supposed to be studying Phy. Smh. Buh bye xD

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            1. I know the story.πŸ™„ Pharaoh or Firon was none other than Ramses II.
              I like to keep the facts in check before I start disbelieving in something. That aside, I do visit religious places for ambience and peace of mind.
              I’ve been to more Mosques than temples.πŸ˜…


            2. Oh no, I keep those to myself πŸ˜‚

              But it is true. My friend since 9 years said that I understand others and where they’re coming from very easily, even if I barely met them. I wasn’t aware of that, but *shrugs*

              And, apparently, I’m scary when I’m angry, my best friend of 9 years said πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

              I’m kinda just rambling but yeah :3


            3. They say I have ‘judgy’ eyes when I’m figuring out someone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

              Wait a minute. I’ve never, ever been angry on this blog…the hell, when? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
              I mean…I’ve had some angry poems but other than that…Oh God πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


            4. Things I never notice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
              Do they really tell their kids that the boogeyman will come and eat their souls? Is this real? πŸ˜‚
              And I’m like him, eh? Thanks! πŸ˜‚


            5. I don’t know but you know what’s funny? When I was a kid, I was a headache to my mom because I never ate. But there was this particular time of the day when I ate without saying a word. “Azan”.
              I was scared of it as a kid.
              I just stood with my mouth open and mom would shove food down the moment she had the chance.πŸ˜‚


            6. Okay I’m dying over here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
              You had a wonderful childhood, Bharath πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


            7. Honestly, all my memories from a younger version of me are either really embarrassing (things that shouldn’t be shared with friends πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) or I was injured.

              I had 3 bike accidents, a third degree burn (I think), a permanent bruise, a few scars and the list goes on…
              I probably hit my head which explains my current…mental stability πŸ˜„


    3. Very simply, when you do something nice for someone and they have a feeling of joy, happiness, or fulfillment what do you feel? Did you feel before you did the nice that “I will only do this nice thing because someone is watching?” Or does doing nice things for others have it’s own rewards?

      If you were mean to someone and made them sad, angry, or hurt, how does it make you feel? Does it make you feel sad that you have hurt someone? Do you only think “If only I had remembered that God was watching, I wouldn’t have done this mean thing?”

      The way we connect to other people as a social species is through bonding, and bonding for love and friendship is best done through acts of kindness. We feel this naturally. If you do not, this should make you concerned about your own emotional healthiness. Personally I need no promise of rewards or fear of punishment on other planes of existence in order to do good things. Putting kindness into the world fills me with positive emotions, especially so when I can see that smile, we can I see that joy, but living a life in which I do the least amount of harm possible is important. Because I know whether or not I see the harm that I cause, if I do actions that cause harm, I can imagine the individual hurt, anger, and sadness I am putting into the world. We know the impact of those emotions. Depression and rage cause people to hurt themselves, hurt others, lead to apathy and a reduction in human flourishing. No Gods needed to understand this.

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      1. Ah I get it. But I feel like that wouldn’t work for everyone, yknow? How do I say this…

        Some people need…reminders to not to this harmful action. Like cheating or stealing or even lying. I think some people might feel guilty about whatever they did, but then they forget about it, and, won’t try to fix it because what’s done is done. I’m not talking about everyone, but some do think this way.

        Why do I have to tell someone that I talked behind their backs when they don’t even know? Some may feel guilty about it, but that feeling would eventually fade away, or they’d forget about it.

        I’m not sure if I’m explaining this right, but, anyways, thanks for explaining all of that, I truly appreciate it. ☺


        1. Well almost everyone has empathy, with the exception of sociopaths and psychopaths, so unless you are one of those type of people, your emotional reactions will typically guide your behavior to seek more pleasurable emotions and experiences that trigger negative emotions will tend to cause you to change your behavior. Of course all this is predicated on your childhood development. What were your parents like? Did you experience traumatic events? Environmental stress factors like extreme poverty may also impact the healthiness of your feelings of empathy towards others. There may also be cultural factors that lead you to view a behavior as negative when in fact it is not. A clear example of this is sex without being married. There really is no implicit harm in two consenting adults having sexual relations outside the context of marriage. But if you grew up in a culture that feels it is so, you will judge others who have sex without being married, and you will feel guilty if you do it yourself.

          All of these factors influence our sense of right and wrong, and what is moral and immoral.

          Some people need…reminders to not to this harmful action. Like cheating or stealing or even lying.

          This may be true, but many religious people cheat, steal, and lie, despite their beliefs, so it doesn’t seem like a belief in God is an overly effective way of being moral, especially if you believe your God is commanding you to blow up buildings, or pass laws that limit individual rights based on unfounded religious tenets.

          What works best to help people make better decisions is a supportive social network, where people you know are reminding you of what are right decisions when you feel yourself at a moral crossroads. Acts of kindness are much more likely to get you that supportive network, than being unkind which can leave you in a situation where you are alone, or surrounded by people who don’t have your best interests at heart. Then we also have education. Learning from history, learning about how the brain works, learning about how society works and what impact our actions have in it. And then of course there is also the education that comes with just getting to know other people, learning about their perspectives and how they see the world and contemplating about what ways and actions are best.

          There is no need for some holy book written millennia ago with commandments to guide our actions. If you need a belief in a god to guide your actions, this does not in anyway imply that God is real, just that your belief is a helpful tool for moral behavior. It’s helped plenty of people deal with addiction lead a sober and clean life. We have other tools though, and we don’t need to invent divine beings and imagine divine revelations as a tool to live a better life.


          1. We’ll simply agree to disagree on most points but…
            ‘Especially if you believe your God is commanding you to blow up buildings, or pass laws that limit individual rights based on unfounded religious tenets.’
            Which religion is based on that??


            1. Don’t you think saying that I’m, plainly said, a destructive weapon, would hurt my feeling? Or that it would cause me pain when it is assumed that Christianity and Islam are violent religions, when one of them is my very own religion?

              You said you were empathetic with others…I don’t you can feel my pain.


            2. As opposed to the pain families feel when their loved ones are killed by suicide bombers and terrorists who say they are doing it for their religion. I guess I feel more badly for those people than for your feelings in this case. But also note that I said “if you believe your God is telling you to blow up buildings”, I’m not all that interested in what the holy book actually says or how you interpret it, but what people who say they follow the religion actually do. And if you don’t believe that their aren’t scriptures in both the Bible and Koran that condone violence you aren’t paying attention. If you believe your religion is peaceful that’s great… Unfortunately not all people in your religion interpret it the same way.


            3. Look, sir/miss I’m not looking for a fight, nor am I trying to find flaws in your beliefs. I merely wondered about an athiest’s mind. I did not disrespect your beliefs, nor have I wished you with anything ill. I ask you not to disrespect my beliefs. Your beliefs about my religions are based on a consdierably small percentage of so called Muslims. It’s exactly like saying all white people are judgemental , or all black people are drug addicts, merely because of a small percentage of them are so, just like in any other race. Also…”I’m not all that interested in what the holy book is actually saying” So you chose to disbelieve something because of opinions rather than facts. You have looked at the bad and not the good. Have you heard of any stories about what goo we have done? I think not. And, being empathetic is to be able to understand the feelings of others. Am I not human anymore, with feelings? You may have not taken my loved ones, but you have stolen my voice and identity before I had a chance to show them. It is not easy to be constantly judge. It is not easy to be afraid. We fear those terrorists just as much as you do. They are not us, and we are not them. Don’t believe all what you see and hear.

              May you have a good day/night.


            4. Well you’ve misunderstood the argument. First I never said that all Muslims were a certain way. I said some people interpret the holy book differently, and there is definitely scriptural support for violence in both the the Bible and Koran. Just as there are peaceful versus as well. I never said otherwise.

              Secondly my views are not beliefs but conclusions based on empirical evidence. This is different than religion which exists only as a matter of belief.

              Finally while bombings represent the most extreme version of what religion is responsible for, persecution, oppression, indoctrination and brainwashing are all harmful acts perpetrated by religion…I am against it all. Not yours in particular. If you choose to believe in non existent entities that’s your choice, but a world based on fiction can never leave to good ends.


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