Whenever I have something in mind, I take a paper and either write about it or draw a picture. If I was a painter, I’d paint, if I was a sculptor, I’d make an idol or a statue. It’s a way of giving my thoughts a shape and meaning.

It’s not necessary that expression is same for everyone. There are times when I don’t share anything but imagine something that I have in mind to exist without creating anything out of it. I visualize it in my mind. Just feel it be there, no need of a physical appearance. Just because I like it that way, it doesn’t mean everyone must be the same.

All of us have the right to express and interpret things our own way.

When you take religion, one says idol worship isn’t ideal. Another days idols are just interpretations, making sense of what they feel, giving their beliefs a meaning. Something to look at. Not one God looks the same. When you look at religion and worship with a creative view, there are different descriptions for every God out there, each with their own power and purpose. One rules heaven, one rules hell, one for peace another for war. In other Faiths, all of these are taken care of by one. Even the almighty takes form of a man to communicate with other men so that they can relate to him better.

There’s a lot it effort put in to describe heavenly entities and the stories that accompany them are satisfying and at times hard to believe. Either way, you notice the creativity. When every person has his/her own way to make sense of his beliefs and shape to his thoughts, why’s it hated? Why’s it unacceptable?

Religion is a form of expression.

Every religion has its own version of God.

Telling people their form of worship is wrong is a violation of their right to express. It’s an offense.

Live, let live.

32 thoughts on “Visualization

  1. Count me in theseπŸ’™
    You picked up the right words which doesn’t affect any.
    Btw the first 2 stanzas, I can relate hell a lot. And I faced so many problems because of that.
    Last week, I had a conflict with one of my closest friends.
    He spoke so many words which hurt me, but I couldn’t express anything I stayed quiet.
    After 2 days I wrote everything on a paper and handed it to him.
    Even my close friends felt it weird that I could not utter but write.
    They made me feel immensely bad for being like this.
    They want me to express like everyone else.
    They want me to shout like others do.
    But they cannot understand not everyone is same.
    Expressing feelings, the faith in God all these have a unique style in every single person’s life.
    And one cannot say the other one as wrong.
    Kudos to you for writing this😎

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          1. It matters.
            When they say,
            Why can’t you just say out ? Will you find a piece of paper until your death? If you get into a relationship and not express things instead write what hurt you and what made you feel good, how will the other person think about living with you for lifetime?
            You cannot always be like this.
            Not everyone will have patience to read the thing you write.

            I don’t really have answer for any of their questions on me.
            I just think

            You’ll forget the words you said to someone,
            but I write
            I read.
            Reread it until I heal/ breaks me even more.
            But I find peace in this.
            And say them
            I’ll try to express. ( Since ages )
            And I know I cannot change this for whoever it is.
            -your Brat😝

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            1. Don’t ever change for anyone unless it’s for your own self. Nobody’s worth changing for. Love is fake ka.
              What other person thinks of us is his problem. Why does relationship come into these matters all the time.?
              Just do your thing.

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