The road was wide open; nobody except me and my dad on his old scooter which I hated. He was going slow, which I hated more.

“C’mon! There’s nobody else on the road, what’s the worse that could happen? Go faster!” I groaned.

A few moments later, I could see other vehicles crossing us, passing by, still faster than we were. Then came a guy on his fancy motorcycle, the best I’ve seen yet, roaring from behind. It sounded like the bike was spitting TNT from it’s silencer. The man raced past like there was nothing that could stop him. We maintained the pace. I kept complaining throughout.

“At this speed, I could overtake us on a bicycle.” I said to my father’s silence.

Soon we noticed a traffic jam and to my surprise, my dad eased his way through the jam from in between everything that stood in our way. Even the fancy biker’s ass sat behind us as we went further out of the traffic on to the road that took us home.

“I can’t believe they were all left behind while we still went slow. Wow! How did you do that?” I asked my dad.

“Because I knew where to slow down.” He replied to my silence.

Sometimes it’s not about speed.

It’s all about balance.

And It’s not just limited to driving.

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