Light and pain.

You say I’m in darkness

And I need light?

But my words

Are my saviour

And pain makes me write.

32 thoughts on “Light and pain.

  1. These lines feel like they can fit into some lonely vibes wala song. πŸ˜ƒ So musical and melodious! Achha likhe ho ye wala ekdum. πŸ‘Š

    Ye tagline me bhi daal sakte, “words are my savior and pain makes me write”. 😼

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  2. Pain is part of the bumps of life, words come from your heart, Light is written on the Hearts of Man. Some people just don’t realize it yet. You are a very smart young man. Strong words speak truth.

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      1. It is never, ever to late. Trust me, I speak from experience. Wisdom comes from experience, experience comes from trials and bumps in the road. We are to learn from them. Trust me on that one also. I have had plenty of trials, and probably more to come.

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          1. Well, this is a link to the how it all begin. A snippet of history from my childhood. And as bad as it might sound. The one thing my friend Ron told me, is there are others out there who had it even worse than I did. Those memories haunted me right up until last year. When I found my way out of the darkness of the world. But what I gained from it all is strength, enough to help me get through what ever comes next. If you ever have questions, you can write to me from the contact form. I am not a doctor, I am not a religion. I only speak from experience.

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        1. We are never perfect. We should however strive for 100 per cent. As a Wise man once said, β€œThen, I would tell you, that is not good enough. You never stop trying, life is full of mistakes. If we did not have mistakes we would not learn”. Failure is not an option is what he told me. And I tell anyone before me.

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            1. I hear you, it does not have to be the finale. The guilt I put on myself for the trials in my life is what crushed me. No one ever said it was not my fault. Now I realize it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t know at the time, you don’t see it all when you are in the middle of trials. You will come out of it, stronger than before. Talking helps, writing helps.

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            2. Because you will learn from it, that is the whole process of life. I made the mistake once, I made similar mistakes again. Because I listened to the lies around me, saying how I should act, how I should live. It took me a long time to see my mistakes. Hopefully my stories and other peoples experiences will help those to see the light. It doesn’t mean you won’t make more mistakes. but you will grow in strength and wisdom to understand it better.


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