“Too much water.” I thought and ran back inside, emptied half of the bowl and walked outside.

“The flame should be thin.” Had to rush inside again. It took ten minutes to figure out how thin it must be.

“Make sure to use some oil so that they don’t stick.” Mom yelled from the other room. “I know what I’m doing.” And her suggestions are shrugged off.

My food, my rules.

The spices that came with the pack smell good! I’m so ready for this! The omelette I burned before I started this lay there in another bowl, waiting to be gulped down.

Now I have to leave this be for ten minutes so that It’s boiled enough but who knew ten turns into twenty? Time flies, eh? By the time my clumsy ass walked into the kitchen, the water from the bowl overflowed. I wasted no time, stirred the food, added spices and put it all in a plate, ready to eat.

The only problem? The noodles were sticky, broken.

Cherry on top? It’s actually omelette on top, just salty and burnt.

I’m lovin’ it.

Do I have a choice??

(Everything aside, instant noodles are life savers)

Why’s the tea so brown???

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