41 thoughts on “Tell me..

  1. Life kinda sucks, so I’ll close my eyes to that. I guess it’s okay to be a dreamer sometimes, makes it easier to survive, I think…


            1. I’m just saying that if all the humiliation and pain I went through would be for nothing, and the death would be just spiraling into nothing with no rewards or punishments then I’d just count the seconds until I die because it’s so unfair. You always have a choice. Always.


            2. Wishes are nothing if you don’t try to make them true.
              How can this life with all of it’s facination and inderculity be for nothing? How can all those gifts we have be for nothing? If you believe in evolution, then did all of this ‘evolution’ happen for nothing? Isn’t there a purpose for everything? If it indeed ended with nothingness then why do we fight at all? Why do people with curses upon them hope for unreachable freedom, for something more? There can’t be nothing or else no one would have the will to live because this, what we’re living in, doesn’t give us the will to live.


            3. I don’t believe in purposes. We just exist, drifting away on this planet in the midst of a galaxy. There are things grander and more significant than our daily trifles which rule out whatever purpose we think we have here.


            4. Does the universe have a soul and a heart? I mean if we and other creatures disappear the universe stays with nothing to, yknow, use it. It’s just…an object. Doesn’t science explain how it works…?


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