Hunter was he, always solo. He enjoys power when wild beasts groveled in pain at his feet. It was just another sunny afternoon when he got off his work and walked into the woods with his tools expecting a wild boar as a bounty.

Whistling his way into the green lush, the hunter marched ahead; the deeper he went, the lifeless it looked. Not one quadruped passed by, instead his stomach growled more fiercely than a lion and hunger howled louder than the wolf.

Amidst the silence of the world and noises of his mind, he heard a woman crying in pain. Tens of metres later, he finally reached the woman, dressed in a fine saree, face covered by both her hands, sobbing bitterly.

“What is this, lady? What’s bothering you?” He asked.

“My husband and his family, they’ve disowned me. I didn’t know where else to go.”

“Okay. Let me go and talk to them first, just stay here and wait for me. Don’t go anywhere.” He said as he slowy backed off and started walking towards the village.

There was something peculiar about her feet. They weren’t facing him but the tree she was leaning on instead.

“Where the fuck are you going? You’re supposed to help me! Come back here!” A voice roared in agony as he now started running towards the road.

“Come back here! Give me my family . Come back!”

The hunter ran.

Until the echoes were lost in the woods.

Until his mind has lost the voice.

33 thoughts on “A woman in need.

  1. What a cliffhanger! Wanna know what happens next. Or is the story complete? In that case you’d be the Indian Franz Kafka. But I am still not able to understand the story bcoz feet have another meaning in Europe. At the river Rhine, for example, is a fable where a fairy puts her foot through the ceiling of a castle while the castle’s owner is having his wedding feast, and the foot is announcing his death within the next 3 days.

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